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/ Institut za kreativni životni razvoj /


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/ Udruga za kreativni razvoj / Institut za kreativni razvoj /
/ Community for Creative Development / Institute for Creative Development /

Udruga za promicanje umjetnosti, zaštitu prirode, promicanje građanskih prava, civilno društvo, okoliš i održivi razvoj ima za ciljeve poticati sve oblike kulture i umjetnosti, očuvanje prirode i okoliša kao temeljnih vrijednosti društva, te prihvatljivo gospodarenje prirodnim resursima primjenom odrednica održivog razvoja.

Djelatnosti Udruge "Arsmovens" su:
- javno zagovaranje za učinkovito provođenje politike zaštite okoliša i očuvanja prirode
- edukacija javnosti putem održavanja tribina, predavanja, seminara, radionica, koncerata i izložbi u svrhu promicanja razvoja svijesti o potrebi za poticanjem umjetnosti, očuvanja prirode i zaštite okoliša, razvoj demokratskog društva
- izrada i provedba studija i programa
- organiziranje akcija zaštite i očuvanja prirode te poboljšanja kvalitete okoliša
- osiguravanje pristupa javnosti informacijama o okolišnim temama i njihova razmjena
- poticanje gospodarstvenih djelatnosti na principu održivog razvoja
- priprema i izdavanje tiskanih i audiovizualnih materijala, računalnih programa i promidžbenih materijala vezanih uz djelatnosti Udruge
- suradnja sa ostalim udrugama i organizacijama u svrhu ostvarenja ciljeva Udruge
- ostali pogodni oblici djelovanja kao i djelatnosti kojima se stječe prihod, a u skladu s posebnim propisima u svrhu ostvarivanja ciljeva Udruge.

Arsmovens / Artmovers / ArtmoversDigitalis / Community for Creative development /

is non-profit org, concerning Art, Digital Art, MediaProduction, Journalism, Photojournalism, Photography, Video, Sound, steAm, Grass Roots, Environment, Holism, Spirituality, Open Source, Alternative living, Commons / P2P, and much more /
All expenses are covered from its own artwork, advising, practical solutions, as well as donations to improve Community standards virtually, and in real world /
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Teachings of all Ages

Page is dedicated to research and discussions of spiritual topics, started with Manly Hall, and spreading towards other authors, sources, thinkers, concerned spirituality, and uncommon historical approach of common history what used to learn at schools. “Each person must discover his own philosophy of life, and it is not fair or right to impose our codes upon others. It is also our responsibility, however, to share one with another such experiences as may have common value. We desire, therefore, not to convert or to convince, but to invite such a sharing with the sincere hope that some mutual good will be accomplished.” / Manly Palmer Hall /

P2P / Commons /

P2P / Commons /
What means Commons?

/ "A Commons is an asset over which a community has shared and equal rights. This could, in principle, include land, water, minerals, knowledge, scientific research and software. But at the moment most of these assets have been enclosed: seized by either the state or private interests, and treated like any other form of capital. Through this enclosure we have been deprived of our common wealth." George Monbiot /

P2P Framework
       P2P (peer-to-peer) is a post-capitalist social economic framework that is centred around three different priorities:
  1.  the need for a ecologically sustainable material economy: a rejection of the pseudo-abundance of an infinite growth economy;
  2.  the need for the open and free sharing of knowledge, culture and information: a rejection of the artificial scarcity induced by excessive Intellectual Property legislation, which should be limited in its capacity to legally prevent the sharing of knowledge;
  3.  solving the issues generated by the two priorities above in a way that promotes and extends social justice.In some ways, we could say that the values of freedom, equality and fraternity are the minimum common ground for discussion in our forum, which is not a home for those that oppose p2p, i.e. neither for those promoting more hierarchy in the form of state absolutism, or those promoting more inequality through market absolutism.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Links below are places for pluralistic discussion about how to move forward to a p2p-centric and commons-centric form of society (or at least a society with more p2p and commons elements in its functioning).
Your opinion also matters, and You can feel free to share it with commoners, join discussions, and participate in building the world which fits to all its citizens, all people equally.

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  • Arsmovens, Velika Gorica, Zagrebačka Ulica 92, Croatia